LNR LD-11 Transceiver Multimode HF+6M

BrandLNR Precision

LD-11 Transceiver!!

Others state “extra”, We INCLUDE as STANDARD

The HOTTEST new QRP Multimode HF+6M transceiver on the market.

160M to 6M coverage!

AM/FM modes!

BUILT-IN Band Scope Feature!

11m CB band in some conditions!

The new LD-11is Digital Direct Conversion, SDR type, build-in CPU (SM32a) DSP radio in which RF signals are directly converted to a digital data via differential and balanced A/D converters. This enables direct sampling with extremely low phase and floor noise.

The DSP is unique and features two independent channels. It also employs a unique differential algorithm within the software which is applied for IQ processing of the channels with phase suppression of the unwanted side-band channel.

The balanced ADC and DAC gives additional noise floor reduction and the receiver can handle interfering signals that are 100 dB stronger than the desired signal at a frequency separation of 10 kHz, and is about 130 dB stronger at 50 kHz separation. As the receiver and transmitter are using the same DSP channel, there is no gap between the receiver performance and the transmitter performance. Thus, there is a clean neighborhood on the bands. At the development stage, our intentions were motivated by the TX side-band noise of existing SDR manufacturers, so our aim was to fully equalize our transmitter to have noise performance that is compatible with the best modern receivers, or even better. After a arduous year of development , we think we achieved it!

This 11+ band radio is based on the LD-5, which has proven to be one of the most exciting QRP transceivers introduced in the last few years. Quite frankly, the performance rivals high end units offered by other manufactures at a much lower price point. Our motto is that we make QRP transceivers that you will want to take out in the field (without fear of breaking the bank).


Input Power: 11.5-14.8 VDC
Output Power: 5 – 8W
Measurement: SWR and Power:Numbers or Bar indicators on display
Supply Voltage:Real voltage on display
Two Modes CW: Select Straight Key or Paddle (built-in Iambic)


Receive sensitivity: 0.15uV w/o preamp
Ant Preamp: +16 dB
Spurious Response Rejection: IMD3 -48Db/ 5W
IMD5 -43dB
ATT: -12db


Frequency Range: 1800 kHz – 29.990 MHz HF +50-54MHz
160, 80, 60, 40, 30, 20, 17 and 15, 12, (11), 10, & 6 meter all mode operation
Modes: USB, LSB, CW, CW-R, DIGITAL DATA:CAT –USB jack : CW, PSK, RTTY, SSTV – 3.5mm jack
AM/FM as well.
PAN mode: Easy to Find quiet point +/- 24kHz from main frequency.
Power: 5W output in CW / SSB
Frequency Stability: +/- 3 ppm (Si570 defined) typical over 0-50 deg C
Supply Voltage: 10.5V min to 15V max 350mA receive and 1.5 to 2A typical in transmit
LO temp. Stability: +/- 2.5
Antenna: 50 ohms BNC
Dual VFO
Memory: 100 memory storage per band Memorize frequency, mode, VFO’s
Built-in speaker: 8 ohms, .5 watts
Dimensions: 4.724”L X 3.937”W x 1.957“H
Weight: 19oz/0.54k/excl. mic.
Iambic key: Mode A and Mode B
Pitch CW: Controls CW offset. The sidetone pitch is automatically set to equal the offset
Notch Filter: Automatic Heterodyne filter for SSB from -6 to -40 db
Noise reduction: Level of attenuation of the noise from 1 to 50- use minimal necessary
Noise Blanker: Adjusted in the range from value 4 to 12 readings depending on interference
CW VOX: Break in delay in CW – adjustable from 0.1 seconds to 5 seconds
CW memory keyer Choose Iambic Mode A or B
VOICE VOX VOX Delay adjustable from 0.1 seconds to 5 seconds
SSB EQ 3 band Bass, treble, middle audio boost on transmit – up to environment and voice
8 Different filters (incl): 4 of 4 for CW/ SSB – 1-3 factory presets – No.4 adjustable for CW/50-1000Hz/ and SSB/250-3.6KHz
Compressor SSB: 0-20dB
SSB TX MUTE Enable= no monitor Disable= monitor